Making Sense of Preschoolers

To make sense of preschoolers is to possess the keys for unlocking the mysteries of human nature as well as for the unfolding of human potential. This fascinating material takes the best that today's science has to offer and delivers it in a usable form to all those involved with this enchanted age group. This course is designed for all those involved with 2-5 year olds: parents, grandparents, early childhood educators, day-care providers, kindergarten teachers and all the supporting helping professionals. Undertstanding the preschooler actually provides the keys to understanding developmental stuckness or immaturity at any age, even in the adolescent and adult. In this sense, the preschooler course is foundational for anyone working with stuck kids, adolescents or adults. Getting to know the dynamics at the root level helps to get past all the camouflaging symptoms as well as helps to find a way through.

Preschoolers_000024149200SmallNo one is more susceptible to being misunderstood than the preschooler. Precocious, brazen, obsessive, endearing, hysterical, impulsive, anxious, delightful, unreflective, dogmatic, generous, unstable, aggressive, resistant, compulsive, and anything but consistent -- the preschooler could qualify for any number of personality and behaviour disorders. Unlike infants and toddlers, preschoolers actually bear a resemblance to grown-ups and therefore fool us into thinking that they are much more like us than they really are. Projecting our psychology onto them is a typical mistake.

To make sense of the preschooler is to make sense of the very essentials of human development. Once the primary principles of development are appreciated together with their purpose, the developmental deficits that plague the preschooler become transparent and understandable. Rather than pushing them to be other than who they are, we can celebrate their differences. Instead of trying to get them to grow up, we can attend to providing the conditions that are conducive to their transformation. Knowing what they need it the key to knowing how to dance with them.

Making Sense of Preschoolers Course Outline

Section One: Three Natural Shortcomings NOT to trip over

Section Two: Three irreducible needs that must be met.

Section Three: Three Typical Problems NOT to nip in the bud

Section Four: Six Common Mistakes NOT to make

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