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Making Sense of Discipline

This is a video course and discussion group created by internationally renowned developmental psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld. Discipline is one of the biggest challenges faced by parents and educators. We all want good behaviour from our children, but as a culture we have fallen to instant fixes and one minute answers without weighing the costs on our child’s well-being. When the challenge is to impose order on behaviour without putting in jeopardy healthy attachment and development, many are at a loss of how to proceed. This course equips parents and teachers with a solid methodology that is not only much more effective but also much less risky than the usual fare.  It not only answers the questions of what to do when problems arise but does so without sacrificing a child’s emotional health and sense of security for short-term gains in behaviour and performance.

Topics include:

  • Dealing with resistance and opposition
  • Addressing the roots of aggression
  • Dealing with kids who seek to dominate instead of depend on their parents
  • Disciplining in ways that don’t divide
  • Addressing separation problems and anxieties
  • Preventing being replaced by competing attachments
  • Raising children who are capable of deep and fulfilling relationships

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All classes and counselling services for individuals, couples and families are based out of the beautiful Matraea Centre in Duncan, BC. Professional consulting services available to teachers and helping professionals on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

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“The secret of parenting is not in what a parent does, but in who a parent is to their child.” – Gordon Neufeld