Making Sense of Attention Problems

The Attention Deficit Disorder label has brought concerns regarding attention to the fore of public consciousness but unfortunately without the foundational knowledge that enables parents and teachers to find their way through a glut of confusing and often conflicting information. The professionals in charge of diagnosing attention problems are often experts at describing the symptoms but tend to come up short when it is time for explanations. Since we can only truly address that which we understand, the prevailing focus in our society has turned to managing symptoms instead of effecting a cure.

There are many kinds of attention problems, most deeply rooted in emotional and developmental dynamics. In this four session course, participants will gain an understanding of how the attentional system develops and what can go wrong and why. Participants will also learn to differentiate between three basic kinds of attention problems that can all lead to an ADD diagnosis. The ultimate objective of the course is to provide the participants with strategies for addressing the roots of the attention problems in such a way that the symptoms abate, regardless of the underlying cause.

Making Sense of Attention Problems Course Outline

Session 1: The Anatomy of Attention

Session 2: Two Basic Types of Attention Problems

Session 3: A Natural Explanation for the ADD Syndrome

Session 4: Helping Children Grow out of Attention Problems

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Dr. Neufeld, Making Sense of Attention Problems, Neufeld Institute.