Heather Ferguson, MA, RCC

Hi, I'm Heather.

For over 20 years, I have helped many incredible youth and adults, parents and couples navigate their relationships. I also present to large and small audiences and organizations to help make sense of kids and adults and create more effective relationships at work and home.

Why “Heart Matters”?

Our greatest human need is to connect with other significant people in our lives. To do so, we need a soft heart. Sometimes, however, we get frustrated, hurt, or feel pushed away, which can lead us to defend our vulnerable hearts. This, in turn, can sabotage the very relationships we want to invest in. Sometimes we push down on our emotions; sometimes we act out our emotions. Either way, we end up exhausted, emotionally spent, and feel impotent to create the expansive life and relationships we desire.

It needn’t be this way! I will give you a roadmap to emotional health and well-being, to satisfying relationships, and effective parenting. Book a get-to-know-you call or get on my waitlist for a full appointment. 

heather ferguson registered clinical counsellor cowichan valley
Registered Clinical Counsellor Cowichan Valley

What clients are saying...

"Thank you for giving me the confidence to parent in a way that is very natural to me. I feel I have a backup now when society is pressuring me to do things their way. The most surprising and unexpected thing was how much personal healing I did during this course."

"Heather delivered Dr. Neufeld's course material with passion and genuineness. Each week, I was excited to learn more and share more with my peer group. Heather created a safe and comforting environment for us to speak freely as parents. Her unbiased nature and soothing personality was a pleasure to learn from.  I look forward to more workshops with Heather!"

"As a facilitator of Dr. Gordon Neufeld's attachment approach, Heather Ferguson both enlightens and inspires parents looking for ways to support and understand their children. She brings life to the material with bright charisma and can hold a varied group of people with heart. (Island Mom of three)

"The Vital Connection course, facilitated by Heather Ferguson, has transformed the relationship I have with my five-year-old boy and eleven-year-old girl. Thank you!"

"A warm and knowledgeable facilitator, Heather is approachable and relatable, knowing just when and how much to share from her personal experience which enhanced what I learned of Neufeld's approach during this course."

"You did a beautiful job facilitating. I enjoyed your personal stories a lot. When you gave real-life examples of the material it helped to solidify it in my head."

"I found the course content to be absolutely amazing and empowering. I was always left wanting to know more."